Our Mission

Jupiter Plumbing is not your aferage plumbing company. We are not salesmen looking for the next dollar. We are focused on providing top-notch service with the best quality materials and the proper tools to get the job done right!

With many self-invented and innovative tools, 3 generations of knowledge, and the mechanical know-how, Jupiter Plumbing will always rise to the top!


Handcarved from a solid piece of brass, this logo was used as a phone book stamp in the 1940’s. The logo (Paul Mitchell in his bell bottom jeans running to the next call with tools in hand).

3rd Generation – Tyler Mitchell

With even bigger shoes to fill, he managed the field work while on the road daily performing specialty service using innovative tools as well as the tools passed down from generation to generation. Starting at a very young age Tyler worked with his father every chance he could. Learning skills, techniques and secrets of the trade passed down through the generations. With the passing of his father, Tyler carries on the learning, putting them to use daily providing top notch service, unsurpassed knowledge & skill & team leadership.

2nd Generation – Jeff Mitchell

With big shoes to fill he and wife Karla built Jupiter Plumbing from the 1-man show that his father started into what is has become today. Jeff was a inventor and loved inventing tools to keep ahead of the industry and competition.

1st Generation – Paul Mitchell

WWI Veteran, Entrepreneur…Paul started his plumbing experience as a helper in the 1930s pushing a cart full of tools and materials down the cobble stone streets of Philadelphia.

The woman in charge: Karla Mitchell

Jupiter Plumbing would not be where it is today without Karla. Karla brought cleanliness and organization into Jeff’s life back in the 1970’s. Striving to keep clean, organized trucks and shop is where she started. As the business grew